Monday, 1 July 2013


Welcome to my blog.  The aim of it is to have some fun essentially, but on the serious side, I am going to try and see if all this hard work is profitably paying.

We sell nearly all our produce here, apart from the bits we eat.  It is all sold through the farm gate, to loyal customers and passers by.  Eggs, vegetables, plants, flowers and herbs are all sold through our honesty box system outside the front of the house.

This is what we sell from at the moment, although my husband is planning to make a 'proper' stall in the not too distant future.

We currently have 15 chickens - of the bog standard orange variety, who are free range; a red pedigree Dexter non-short cow, named Red (see pic below)

Plus, 9 Mule ewes, with their 20 lambs and a pedigree Texel ram named Stoke Ash Onion, aka Mr O-nion - he is rather a character!

We also own 7 dogs between us.  I will post some pictures of the dogs under the general picture page in due course.

For now though I will leave you with some general pictures of my plot and my sales list for the day.

Produce sold today -
1/2 dozen Eggs - £0.90
1 x 500g bag of Carrots - £0.75

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  1. Thanks for leaving a link to your Blog on mine the other day, (although your name above the comment is also a link to you and your Blogs), as you can see I'm starting from the beginning and catching up :-)