Saturday, 9 November 2013

Amendment to yesterday's post

I have just had an email from Ann at Burnt Fen Alpacas, extremely glad to hear that she likes the blog post, although I did get something wrong - sorry Ann.  Here is what she wrote in her email -

'Nuno felting, a process which turns the fibre into silk" could do with changing; my explanations were obviously a bit garbled! I can't make silk out of fibre - if only - that would solve a few financial problems! I blend the loose alpaca fibres into the silk; the technique of melding the materials together to make a new unique fabric is called Nuno felting, hopefully that makes some sort of sense......?'

Yes, it makes perfect sense thank you Ann and for correcting me on my error.  However the process works it is a fabulous one with some stunning results.

See yesterday's post for more information or visit -

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