Friday, 5 July 2013

New Fence!

I am such a lucky girl.  Michael has just come home with a present for me - A New Strimmer.  Now if you are anything like us, it's the one piece of kit that is in almost constant use at this time of year.  We breed nettles round here almost as quick as we breed rabbits!

It's all go here.  The new fence is going up.  We have been planning to put a new fence up for ages, but last weekend we had rather an unfortunate experience with one of our dogs getting out, who then took offence to the neighbour's dog.  So the new fence had to go up asap.  Thankfully Michael is a Fencing and Landscaping contractor, so he shuffled his working week and below are the results.

Old fence coming out

Mixer being sparked up by Michael (hubby), work about to start

Will keep you updated on the progress, and please, let me know what you think when it's finished.

Better day today, nothing has gone wrong! (So far and touching wood!).  Was hoeing the brassica's, until about 10.30 am and then had to come in, far too hot for me, the temperature gauge read 24 degrees, and being fair skinned I have to watch how long I'm out in it.  I do love a good hoeing session though, don't you? It makes such a difference, for not much effort.

Looking forward to tomorrow, off to look at some weaners for sale.  We haven't had pigs for a good few years now and are both really missing roast pork, sausages, bacon, ham etc - already drooling.

Off to watch Andy Murray hopefully thrash his opponent now.

Stats from today: -

Eggs produced = 8

Sales -
Eggs 1/2 dozen - £0.90
1 x Oregano plant - £0.50
1 x Butternut Squash plant - £0.50
1 x Yellow Courgette plant - £0.50

Expenses - 

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