Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Chickens and eggs

Got some figures for you today - hope your brain's working!

We've been working out some costs, I hope I can explain this right.

One bag of feed lasted us 10 days for 15 hens
During that 10 days we got 83 eggs, and a bag of feed costs £7/bag
Which means that for every egg produced it's cost us £0.08 in feed to produce it.
So, half a dozen eggs costs £0.48 to produce.

The hens cost us £5.00 each and we bought 12 at the time = £60.00; assuming after a year that they are worth nothing at all, the cost per day for 12 hens = £0.164.
Over a ten day period (i.e. the amount of days a bag of food lasts), the cost of these hens = £1.64
Divide this amount by the 83 eggs we'd had produced = £0.019, then multiply that figure by 6, to get the cost per half dozen eggs = £0.11.

So, per half a dozen eggs -
Feed = £0.48
Hen = £0.11
Total = £0.59 to produce half a dozen eggs

So by charging them out at £0.90 per half a dozen we are making £0.31.

That's all very well but that excludes fixed costs, eg, labour, housing, water etc.

It's quite an eye opener don't you think?  Michael made me put the cost of our eggs up from 1st July, from £0.75 per half a dozen and now I'm glad we did.

Have you ever done figures like this, and if so what were your costings like.  Did you include anything we didn't?  I'd be interested to know.

Stats today -

Eggs produced = 8

Sales -
One and a half dozen eggs - £2.70

Expenses -

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  1. My costings worked out very similar, only I included our initial start up costs of two hen houses and took my average price over the lifetime of a producing hen. I worked out that our eggs costs us 7p each to produce, hence half a dozen costs us 42p. We usually use only our own new boxes which cost us 7p each, but have a loyal band of customers that return them for reuse bringing the average cost of a box down to 4p, so total cost (excluding my time and labour) 46p per half dozen eggs. We sell for £1.30 a half dozen. Yours are a bargain, but then you know your own area and what folk are prepared to pay. It would do you no harm to put up a price comparison sheet occasionally on your stall (use mysupermarket.com to find out what all the supermarkets are charging for half a dozen free range eggs), your customers would appreciate you all the more :-)