Thursday, 25 July 2013

Sowing time

Been busy again, sowing seeds today.  I'm never quite sure when to sow the next batch, to keep the harvest coming.  I'm meaning now in terms of quick harvest plants - salads mainly.  Do you stick to a rigid routine, every three weeks you sow another row, or when you plant out the last lot you sow some more, or is it just when you remember?

I planted out some salad crops in two Belfast sinks we have sitting on the corners of the patio.  In there are two types of lettuce, spinach and beetroot - just harvested for the leaves.  This is so that my husband has got some salad to go in his sandwiches, when he's making his pack-up in the morning, usually in a rush!  There is also a large tub of watercress, so he's spoilt for choice now.

I'm having a bit of a disaster with my spring onions.  I sowed these in a large tub, just outside the greenhouse, about a month ago.  I did sow them pretty thickly but as you can see germination has been poor, as are the plants that have come up.  They are watered every day, but not waterlogged and still seem slow and straggly.  Any thoughts?

I also managed to get some seeds sown in the ground, I'm hoping it's not too late and I'll be able to harvest something from them this year.  I did half a row each of Pak Choi and Swiss Chard.  Never grown or eaten Swiss Chard before so am very much looking forward to that.

I've also got in front for next year.  I've sown a tray each of the following -
Forget me not
And two trays of Spring Cabbage - Greyhound.  Will sow another two trays of cabbages in about a month's time, as they can fill bare patches left by harvested onions, shallots and other summer veg, plus the empty polytunnel, where they can be planted out and stay for the winter.

I love seeing the greenhouse like this, new life, all clearly labelled as you can see, that's if the sun doesn't fade it!

Stats today -

Eggs produced = 11

Sales -
2 x 500g New potatoes £1.50
2 x 500g Carrots £1.50
1 x Cucumber £0.60

Expenses -

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