Saturday, 27 July 2013

Tidy news and sad news

First the tidy news.  Finally I have got the poly-tunnel under control.  All the tomatoes have been tied in where necessary, leaders and side shoots have been nipped out, excess bottom leaves taken off, nearly taking the end of my finger off at the same time - the amount of blood, blimey!, plus extra stakes have been introduced where needed.  The whole tunnel has been hoed, watered and weeded, and I've found space.  Yes, space for more crops - excellent.  I think I will plant a couple of rows of carrots, just to see us a bit further into the winter.  Michael planted four rows in the spring and we are still eating them now, delicious.  The ones outside got over-run with weeds and hoed out, so will leave us a bit short through the winter, and they are one of my staples in the kitchen, another job to add to the jobs list!

But I think you'll agree it all looks very smart, I even brushed and then hosed down the path!  Now that's dedication for you!

I think I can still smell tomatoes on me though, even after my bath.

And now to the sad news.  We lost another chick overnight, so are down to one.  It's never easy losing livestock if you're an animal person, whether they be ten years old or ten days, I still get attached, can't help it.  Watching them grow, take their first steps, their first meal or even watching them being born, or just living with them day to day.  I know everything has to eat, it's the first rule of survival, it's nature, it's also not damn fair.  We are presuming it's the rats that have taken them, so are upping our rat management to maximum, to try and keep the last one alive - fingers crossed.

Stats today -

Eggs produced = 11

Sales -
1 1/2 dozen eggs £2.70
1 x Cucumber £0.60

Expenses -

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