Thursday, 11 July 2013

How to make Pigeon scarers

We have dreadful trouble with pigeons here, and despite my husband's best efforts with his shotgun, we still get them eating our brassica's, in fact the air is often blue above our smallholding here!

I dreamt these up and, touch wood, they seem to work just fine, and cheap to make too.

You will need -
Aluminium foil plates or pie dishes

I bought our foil dishes from the local £1 type shop, I think there was about ten in a pack.  I started off by cutting them in half - this cuts the cost down even further.  Then in the middle of one side I poked a small hole, just big enough to push a small piece of string.  Don't poke the hole too near the edge of the dish as the action of the wind, will rip the hole bigger and possibly tear the hole through.

The string I used was builder's line string (the only string I could find at the time), although this isn't the ideal as it twists and wraps itself around the cane.  I am in the process of transferring them over to baler twine, and will let you know if that is better.

The canes I used were 4ft long standard garden canes, pushed about 1ft into the soil.  I then tied the string tightly to the top of the canes.  They instantly began to flutter in the breeze and bash against the cane, giving off quite a loud noise.

The noise and the sun's reflection was enough to keep the pigeon's off for about a week, until one brave soul determined to get a meal, dared to get underneath them, but even he has now gone looking elsewhere.

It is a time consuming process, but the advantage of the the pie dishes is that they are cheap and do flutter in even the slightest of breezes.

I tried using the ring pull lids from tin cans, but they are a bit too heavy and therefore don't blow in the breeze.  And the pie dishes are better than CD's as they make a noise.

I'd be interested in what you do to keep off the birds and if you decide to try out my scarer's to know how you fared.

Mine in action!

From tomorrow I shall be away for the weekend, attending two re-unions!  So I won't be able to post - apologies.  Normal service will be resumed again from Monday.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your garden this weekend

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