Tuesday, 2 July 2013

The big weed is finished!

Hello, well am pleased to say that as of this evening, all my big weeding jobs are over.  Phew!  Just regular hoeing from now on.

A bit of history for you.  Michael and I have lived here for thirteen years and have grown vegetables for about twelve of those.  The garden we have here is 3/4 of an acre and the veg plot occupies nearly a third of it.  Over the years we have tended the plot on an occasional basis, some years only very occasionally indeed.  The poly-tunnel has been up for about seven years and has usually seen more use than the rest of the plot.  This year we added a small greenhouse and made the final decision to garden more business like, selling all that we could, whilst we ate for free.

We also have two very productive Bramley apple trees and two equally productive Victoria plum trees, plus a russet eating apple tree, variety unknown, and a conference pear tree, outside of the veg plot.

We also rent the field next door of five acres, where we keep our livestock during the winter, but have plans to extend into the bottom paddock, probably next year with potatoes and strawberries being the main crops.

We are situated on marshy land, but on sandy soil, so never get that 'wellie pulling off mud', like some of you suffer.  But parts of our far paddock are still wet even now, it's so low lying.

So here's to gardening, business like - NO SALES AT ALL TODAY!!  Oh dear!  This must be the first day that we haven't sold a thing.  Oh well, there's always tomorrow.

Produce sales -

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