Thursday, 18 July 2013

Swallows and .... Leeks!

Just spent the last two hours, in the gorgeous evening sunshine planting out my leeks, 144 of them in total!
I dead proud of myself, it's the first year I've done the leeks, usually my husband does it.  Here you go -

Phew!  I did have my large friend watching over me the whole time -

This is Red, my pedigree Dexter cow, she always comes up for something to eat at about 8 o'clock, then stands and watches and usually talks to me, in soft mooing noises.  Aww!

As for the Swallows, this is the second year running that we have had Swallows nest in our log store adjoining the house.  They have just left the nest, but aren't going very far at the moment, they're sitting on the wood pile underneath it!

Empty nest!

Just look down a bit - we're not going too far yet!

Just love to see them.  That's the fourth type of bird we've had nest in the garden this year.  It started with Wren's, then Blue tit's, Swallows and Gold finches in the wisteria just outside the back door, which were just gorgeous.

Stats today -

Eggs produced = 11

Sales -
2 dozen eggs £4.00

Expenses - 

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