Monday, 22 July 2013

98% Home grown dinner

Tonight's dinner was a huge success.  Not only was it the first dinner I've cooked in my new oven, (thanks must go to hubby for installing it over the weekend), but it was about 95% home produced.

First course - Toad in the hole

Sausages, home grown by a fellow smallholder, produced not far away
Eggs from my own hens
Milk and flour - Tesco's
Gravy granules - Tesco's
New potatoes, curly kale, french beans, and calabrese all came straight out of the garden.  Just look at the colours.  Yippee!

Then for afters, picked five minutes before serving -

Unfortunately the ice cream we had to go with them was Tesco's.

So all in all, not a bad dinner I'd say.  The veg all tasted wonderful.  I just love curly kale, it's the one vegetable that if I only had room for one winter veg it's the one I would grow.  It tasted OF something this evening, not of a plastic bag that it had been wrapped in for a fortnight.  It tasted like it was doing you good.  The french beans were melt in the mouth sweet and tender and the calabrese, took minutes to cook just lightly steamed.  And then I always use the veg water for making the gravy, so keeping the goodness.  Just delicious, one of the best meals my husband reckoned he'd had in ages.  Compliments indeed.

Stats today -

Eggs produced = 11

Sales -
1 dozen eggs £2.00
Can't believe nobody bought the first cucumber picked out of my polytunnel this morning, and it was only 60p!  These people aren't right in the head!!

Expenses -

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