Saturday, 20 July 2013

We have conquered!

YES!  At last we have overcome our biggest weed problem (fingers crossed) - Horsetail or Mare's tail, or to give it its latin name - Equisetum arvense.  My husband sprayed the paddock next to the house for the persistent nettles, thistles, docks and Mare's tail at the end of last week with a new product that was supposed to be good for getting rid of the pesky persistent weed, in the hope that it might knock some of it.

The weed has roots that go into the centre of the earth I think, it always seems like that when you try and pull or dig some out.  It snaps off so easily when weeding, and then within a week it's back.  If you don't suffer from mare's tail, a) you're very lucky and b) here's what it looks like -

But since spraying here is what it looks like -

Yippee!  At least now Red will have some grass to eat.  Do you think she's smiling about it?

So chuffed that the spray worked.  He used Grazon Pro, in case any of you have the same problem.  Phew at last, it seems we might have knocked it back.  I have never seen the paddock look like this in all the time we have had it; we've used numerous sprays, topped it regularly, but every damn year it comes back with a vengeance, if it ever goes away.  I swear that stuff still grows with ten centimetres of snow on top of it!

Stats today -

Eggs produced = 11

Sales -
1 doz eggs £2.10 (overpayment of 30p)

Expenses -

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