Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Irrigation questions

Just wondering how you get enough water onto your crops in this hot weather.

Are you a hosepipe, three hours a day person, or is your whole plot covered in soaker hoses?  Be interested to know.

As we are on sandy soil here, with copious amounts of horse manure dug in, in winter, we still battle to get enough water on the crops.  Sandy soil does come in handy for dust mulches though!  Here's a picture of my current irrigation system, works really well on a windy day.

It covers a wide area, especially when it's windy.

It's just one of those sprinklers that you poke in the ground normally, we just found a long piece of pipe to raise it up, which throws the water further.  We leave it on all day in one or two spots and let it get on with it.

Stats today

Eggs produced = 10

Sales -
1/2 dozen eggs £0.90

Expenses -

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  1. Currently I'm a - water it in well on planting, cover with mulch (anything will do) then water extremely well one week after and then abandon completely to fend for themselves type of veggie gardener. I've been experimenting with this as the last dry year we had I watered copiously and got nothing extra but a large water bill.

    It's really worked, every plant, even the outdoor cucumbers managed extra long roots to search for water deep in the soil and the weeds in the veggie beds were less than the weeds around them as the plants had deeper and more efficient roots.

    Not sure how this would work with your soil type though. Ours is quite dense after having lots of home produced compost and rotted horse manure and bedding dug through and has started to retain water better.