Sunday, 3 November 2013

A new Smallholding enterprise

Well the windy and in parts, rainy day has been spent on one of our new enterprises for next year -

Yep, you guessed it, bulb planting, to be more precise - Daffodil bulb planting.  Hubby bought a 25Kg sack of a Daffodil called 'Golden Harvest', an early variety which flowers in March.

Trenches were dug -

This is the first one being dug by hand.  We have positioned them in the field along the veg patch boundary, as this will make it easier to fence in.  A larger part of the field is going to be fenced to provide more room for vegetables, e.g. potatoes and winter veg, as the existing veg patch gets used for other things.

Red hen help is obviously what is needed!

As the digging by hand was taking such a long time we decided to enlist some professional help - Hubby on one of his favourite toys!

The third and final trench just filled with bulbs.  So that was 25Kg, or approximately 400 Daffodil bulbs planted; looking forward to seeing them come up next spring.

There are other plans afoot with our smallholding, but I'll keep them in reserve for now!


  1. You will get a good show of flowers and the early ones sell for the best prices, then the bulbs after a couple of years.