Friday, 19 July 2013

I can smell it from here

On this gorgeous sunny morning the birds were flitting and singing and with a coffee in hand I wandered around the veg patch, looking and noting and wondering what could be better?

One of my small jobs was to make Poo tea!  Organic and free feed for my tomato plants.

First fill your dustbin with water, add a bucket full of poo (in my case it was horse manure), and stir well, not forgetting to put the lid on.

I shall fill a baked bean tin with my witches brew, empty it into a watering can and fill up with water, then generously apply to the soil around my plants.  No doubt it will stink to high heaven in a week or so, especially in this heat, but hey, if it works, then fab.  What do you feed your tomato plants with, do let me know.

Onto a slightly better, but still smelly note, the aroma in the polytunnel is amazing at the moment.  Thanks to Monty Don ( a gardening hero of mine) and BBC2 Gardeners World I got the idea to plant my basil plants next to the tomatoes.  A brilliant idea, as the basil is there just when you're picking the toms, and what goes better with tomatoes than basil - in my opinion, nothing.  The scent when you walk into the polytunnel is wonderful.  The pungent aroma of tomatoes with the heady scent of the basil is breathtaking, it's making my mouth water even as I type.  Can't beat it.  Thanks Monty.

Stats today - 

Eggs produced = 11

Sales -
1 dozen eggs £1.80
2 x bags Carrots £1.50

Expenses - 

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  1. Just what I used to do in my polytunnel (not long until I have one again) but I also added French Marigolds alongside the Basil, they keep off the bad bugs but attract bees to pollinate the tomatoes. Smells AND looks gorgeous!!