Friday, 5 July 2013

Nightmare day

Huge apologies for not posting last night, our broadband going down last night was the final straw in a day that just couldn't get any worse!

I've got access to two vehicles here, but yesterday morning, neither of which were driveable.  My Isuzu truck has been playing up recently, intermittent starting problems, it has been in our local garage twice and the mechanics there can find nothing wrong.  I drove it down to the stables yesterday morning to see to my horse, well I say drive, I think I coasted most of the way as it kept dying on me.  When I went to start it again, it refused, so I abandoned it and walked home - thankfully, it's not far.  My Subaru car, the bonnet catch was dicky and wouldn't stay down completely, so I didn't fancy driving that very far, in fear of the bonnet flying up in front of me.  Enough was enough, so I drove it down the garage and got it fixed, only to be told that my exhaust is blowing and would have to go back in on Monday.

When I arrived home Michael told me that we had no water.  We live remotely and have no mains water supply, our supply comes from a well in the garden, pumped up into the tank in the loft.  He had been in the garage to find the freezers switched off, then went in the house to find no electricity.  He isolated the fault to the water pump and called an engineer.  Thankfully they came out straight away.  The upshot was we had no water for the day, couldn't even boil the kettle, but a new pump was fitted before the end of the day. Don't know what I would have done if I couldn't have had a bath last night.  I was washing my hands in the dogs drinking water bucket for the day - they were none too pleased.  Thanks must go to the engineer for his prompt service and to my neighbour who provided us with a kettle full of water.

Here's to a better day today

Sales -
1 dozen eggs £1.80
Nil - apart from the bills that are coming for the water pump and the garage!

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