Sunday, 21 July 2013

Proud pig owners again

Well, I am very pleased to say that as from this afternoon we are proud pig owners again.

It's been at about five years since we last had some, and are seriously missing all that lovely bacon, sausages and roasted joints.  What can be better when the rain is lashing down outside than coming in having done all the jobs for the day and sitting down to large piece of roasted pork with crispy crackling, the fat dribbling down your chin and all the trimmings - home grown veg of course!

We went back to Giles Barrow's smallholding to collect our two lovely Oxford Sandy and Black girls this afternoon.  Michael spent the day yesterday getting their new home ready -

Yes, I know there's a few weeds in the top picture, but I did say we hadn't had pigs for a while!  They'll love rooting about in all that lot, it will keep them entertained for ages.

We filled the back of the truck with straw and off we went.  We did get a bit worried on the way home as they were rather quiet, but I must admit looked rather comfy when we arrived home!

Once home we let the girls into their new surroundings -

My husband also put them through our old pig weighing machine that he saved from a skip -

As you can see, one weighed 30lbs (13.6Kgs), and the other 32.5lbs (14.7Kgs).

We are thrilled to bits with them.  They are still unsure of where they are and what's happening, but I will keep you posted as to their progress.  We shall weigh them again in another month.

Stats today -

Eggs produced = 13 (nearly a full house, I wonder who it was that let the side down?)

Sales -
1 doz eggs £1.80

Expenses -
2 x weaner pigs £100

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