Friday, 30 August 2013

What more Swallows?

We seem to have had quite a successful and productive year for bird production this year, that is with wild birds.  We've hatched, (well not us exactly, we've just provided somewhere for the birds to do it themselves!), a clutch of blue tits, a clutch of wren chicks, a clutch of gold finch chicks in the wisteria and a nest of three swallow chicks.  Until now ...

It seems they've managed to hatch out another clutch.  I did think it was rather strange when I saw swallows flying backwards and forwards in and out of the log store, with bits of various material in their beaks, never did I think they would hatch out another clutch.  I am a bit worried that these latest chicks will be strong enough to fly all the way to their winter destinations i.e. South America, Africa or South Asia, I do hope they will manage it, they've only got until October, lets hope it stays warm here long enough so they don't have to rush back.

I tried to capture a close up, but I don't think my camera's sophisticated enough and they fly so fast, so I just snapped them chin-wagging on the telephone wires!

And just look at that gorgeous blue sky here in Norfolk.  Love to see them all lined up, felt like asking them if they wanted a cup of tea and a digestive!

Stats today -

Eggs produced = 11

Sales -
1 dozen eggs £1.80

Expenses -

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