Sunday, 1 September 2013

August Statistics

Well, August was a good month, takings were up on July, so am really pleased.

Here's the breakdown -

Sales -

22 dozen eggs £40.30
14 Cucumbers £8.40
8 Geranium plants £12.00
2 x Herb plants £1.00
3 bags Carrots £2.25
18 bags Tomatoes £16.50

Total £80.45

Expenses -

1 x Large Greenhouse £383.00

Still a long way to go to recoup the greenhouse money, but hey that was a long term investment, and it's now harvest time so fingers crossed we'll recoup in no time.

Today's stats -

Sales -

1 dozen eggs £1.80
1 x bag Bramley apples £1.00
1 x Tomatoes £1.00
1 x bag French beans £0.50

Expenses -



  1. Our egg income was over £400 and veg sales over £300! So keep at it! BTW you must be in a sheltered spot as our Bramley has another few weeks to go until I judge them ready to sell.
    Did you see in the SSS newsletter received today a VERY old pic of us and the first bit I ever wrote for the newsletter, don't know where Giles dragged that up from. Come to our Open Kitchen mornings and say hello!

  2. All I can say is - WOW! Fabulous takings. You must have a fair number of chickens. But that amount of produce sales would pay our rent every month! You have spurred me on with renewed vigour - thank you. And yes I did see your photo in this month's SSS, am I one of the many few that actually read that mag? It was a great photo and well done you for continuing with your lifestyle, keep up the excellent work and thanks for letting me know