Friday, 9 August 2013

Fruit, fruit everywhere and all of it to eat!

Now I love fruit, all of it, could live on it I reckon, so when we moved in here, it was with great joy that I noticed several mature fruit trees.  I never get bored of apple pies, crumbles, tarts, or the same with plums.

Now the plums look stunning this year, the two Victoria plum trees are loaded with fruit.  Last year was a different matter, nothing at all, not one fruit did we get, the awful spring annihilated all the blossom. So apart from the fruit on the lower branches that the dogs jump up and pinch, we should have a bumper crop this year.

Pear trees are laden as well this year.  We have two trees here, one is a Conference tree and the other has Conference pears but another type on it aswell, must have been grafted onto it.

I assure you these are on the same tree!

Purple plums

These are the Bramleys, the cookers, two huge trees we have which are again laden with fruit this year, again the dog's pinch the ones they can, and then get sickly tummies for doing so, but there are always so many on the trees, we have more than we need.  Plenty get put in the freezer to eat all year round and then some will get sold this year.

The other tree we have is an eating apple.  I have no idea which variety it is other than it's a russet apple. They are delicious if you like a good hard, tart apple.  There doesn't seem to be many on the tree this year which is a shame, but hey, you can't have everything.

The eaters!

The other fruit we have is raspberries, which have finished now; I did put six kilo's in the freezer, of which most I will jam.  We also put in 100 strawberry plants this year, but didn't let them fruit, just let the plants build up their strength, to hopefully produce lots of lovely strawb's next year - can't wait!

What types of fruit do you grow, and which do you find most successful?  I'd be interested to hear, especially on top fruit, as this is something we haven't ventured into yet.

Stats today -

Eggs produced = 7 

Sales -
1/2 dozen eggs £0.90
1 x Cucumber £0.60
1 x 250g Tomatoes £1.00

Expenses -

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