Wednesday, 8 January 2014


Just realised I haven't given you the sales stats for a few months, so here you go -

October 2013
12 doz eggs 21.6
12 & 1/2 Kg Tomatoes 12.5
2 x cucumber 1
2 bags Bramley apples 2
2 bags Plums 2
4 bags Onions 4
3 Pumpkins 4.5
2 Cabbages 1.4

November 2013
6 doz eggs 10.9
1 bag sticks 1.5
7 bags potatoes 7
December 2013
13.5 doz eggs 24.8
4 bags potatoes 4
1 bag sticks 1.5
Remainder of Greenhouse and other expenses = £227.25

Oct, Nov & Dec Sales = £98.70

Still left to pay off = £128.55, phew it's getting there!  But we've soon got the seed order to buy!  Oh well here's to an excellent 2014 season.


  1. I am hoping to keep a better track of what we sell this year. I start off with good intentions and then go away for a spell or forget to write things down when we are busy and it all goes to pot. I really need to know if we are breaking even. Not that we wont continue because we use so much ourselves and also give stuff away or barter.

  2. We have a really simple system here. A small pot which the money goes in and next to it sits a book which we write everything down in. At the end of the month I just analyse it out. Dead easy! It does make you realise what sells and what doesn't. We chopped loads of sticks back in November and have sold about three bags, good job we can use them! I also find it makes you think what else you can sell as you see the money being totted up at the end of the month.

  3. Re 2014 income being good - So say all of us!

  4. Ha Ha, yes please, the car's just gone wrong!