Saturday, 11 January 2014

Movement Ramblings!

Had to laugh earlier, as whilst reading the latest edition of Country Smallholding magazine, February edition, I came across an article about new movement regulations for sheep and goats.

From April 2014 sheep and goat owners will be able to record movements electronically.  The article also says that the new system will provide on online flock/herd register for owners to use, all voluntarily. All on and off movements will be recorded against an owner's register.  Paper copies of movements will also be able to be printed as these will need to go with the livestock

Don't fret, for all those pen and paper fanatics, you will still be able to use the carbonated forms as is currently the case.  This is only the case for England and all current registered keepers will be informed in due course.

This is great news, for me anyway being a bit of a computer geek (according to my husband!), not having to worry if I've got the right form, always the case here as we don't buy and sell that many livestock that often.  So good news if this simplifies the system for all involved.

Stats today -

Eggs produced = 4

Sales - Nil
Expenses - Nil


  1. Do you have to have the electronic ear tags for that ?
    I've filled in my holding census on line for the first... doesn't exactly take long when you only have two sheep!

  2. Ha Ha, what hoops we have to jump through! Don't quote me on this but I think all sheep born now have to have electronic tags fitted. I think all sheep that still have the old style tags in their ears are still ok to move on them. If we find a ewe without a tag we just fit the new style tags as that's what we have in stock. Worth checking the legal 'ranglings' if you need to move your two. Hope that helps, Angela