Monday, 13 January 2014

Still harvesting potatoes

And No I don't mean the ones from the bags in the shed!

I went into the polytunnel over the weekend to have a check on how my micro-greens were doing and found potatoes growing.  We always grow our first earlies in the polytunnel, just so we can beat everyone else to it and start harvesting delicious new potatoes early.  That time of year when you're desperate for summer food, and new potatoes covered in lashings of herb butter - delish!

The potatoes I found were just ones that had been left over from the 2013 harvest but not wanting to let them go to waste I stuck in my fork and this is what I came out with.

The evidence!

The haul!

And extremely delicious they were too.

Stats today - 
Eggs produced = 7
Sales - 1 dozen eggs - £2.00
Expenses - Nil

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