Thursday, 9 January 2014

TB Testing time

Now if you have cattle, and I know not many of you do, then you have to go through the action of TB testing.  It's all organised through DEFRA, as you have to notify them when you start keeping cattle.  Your local vet is put in charge of the testing with no charge to yourselves.

Interval's of testing depend on where you are in the country, more prevalent areas are done every six months; we are lucky here in that our testing interval is every 48 months.

The test itself is relatively simple.  Two areas on the cow's neck are shaved of hair, which are then injected; one area with a small amount of bovine TB and the other with a small area of avian TB.  This was done on Monday.  72 hours pass before the vet re-visits to check the tests.  If either of the areas have raised lumps then the animal is considered a reactor to TB and has to be transported to a specific DEFRA site to be euthanaised for which the owner is compensated at near market value.

East Anglia is not that prevalent in TB thankfully and so it was with great relief that on the vet re-visit today, no reaction was found.  Phew!

Red - our Dexter cow, showing the two shaved patches on the side of her neck

Stats today - 

Eggs produced = 4

Sales - 1 & 1/2 dozen eggs £2.70
Expenses - £38.49 Seed potatoes, seeds, garden sundry items

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