Thursday, 2 January 2014


Well, Happy New Year to you all, and as you can see I'm back in blog land again.  It's good to be back with you all.

Plans are afoot for this year, extra enterprises are to be ventured into with the view of making a bit more out of what we have, fingers crossed - all will be come clear in due course.

Having read the November edition of 'Grow It', magazine, (a fab magazine for all things growable!), and absorbed the article on microgreens, I decided to do a trial.  So out came the seed box and I sorted through to see what I'd got that would be microgreen-able.

Now I'm never one to follow rules too rigidly and with an empty polytunnel I decided to plant a row of each of my seeds and see what happens.  Hopefully something will grow that is harvestable, if nothing grows, well I haven't lost much apart from my time; these were all seed packets we had anyway.

So I sowed the following, one row of each -
Parsley - French plain leaf
Basil - Sweet Genovese
Broccoli - Romanesco
Cabbage - Xmas Drumhead
Kale - Dwarf green curled
Savoy Cabbage - Winter King
Radish - French breakfast
Beetroot - Boltardy
Lettuce - Arctic King
(the last four packets were free with a previous edition of Grow It magazine)

So I'm hoping this will make a fabulous mix of greens and I'll keep you posted on their progress.  If all they do is get to the seedling stage and survive the winter giving me some delicious spring greens to eat I shall be delighted, but am hoping for the microgreen stage instead.

Stats today -

Eggs produced = 4

Sales -

Expenses -


  1. Hello, good to see you back. Happy new Year to you there over the border!
    Now you've got all the ads down the left side of your blog it's pushed all the interesting bits out of view to the right

  2. And a Happy New Year to you too over there in Suffolk, let's hope smallholding is prosperous in 2014. Will have a look at the margins in the blog and have a bit of a re-shuffle

  3. I'm sorting seeds at the moment. I think I might have a go with some of the free seed I have stored to grow some mocro-greens. Nothing to lose have i ?
    Happy New Year. Glad to see your blog again

  4. Hi Gill, go for it, you've absolutely nothing to lose, and just think of those lovely little salads, making a head start on next years planting too. Good luck with it.