Sunday, 5 January 2014

Daffodils & Poo!

Evening all!  Thought I'd give you an update on one of our new ventures.

Remember me telling you we had decided to grow some Daffodils?  Well Michael had been reading up on the subject and said we needed to feed them, make them grow healthy and strong, with lots of flowers!  So we need poo and lots of it.  Enter bags of Kayal poo (my horse).  Collected from the stables in the trailer on the back of the tractor and we set about emptying the bags.

Obviously we had help, in the end we got so that we stopped scattering it about and let the 'unpaid' help do that for us, well, it's what they do best!

Keep going Michael, nearly there!

Thanks girls, you're doing a fine job!

Well that's about half way down the lines of bulbs, and would you believe it, we ran out of poo!  A whole trailer load of the stuff and we were short by about half a dozen bags!  Oh well, still plenty more to go at down at the stables - guess what we're doing next weekend too!

There's plenty more where they came from, and recyclable too, will refill over the next few months!

Stats today - 

Eggs produced = 4

Sales - Nil
Expenses - Nil


  1. We don't spread it ourselves in the winter either, While the girls are ranging they do a much better job than us!

  2. They're great aren't they? Such useful little creatures!