Saturday, 12 October 2013

Weird plants!

Don't know if you've seen this in today's Times newspaper, so I thought I'd share it with you -

Now it's a shame it's not April 1st, I'd be more inclined to believe this!  They're calling it a TomTato.  According to the newspaper, Thompson and Morgan have been up to some ingenius grafting, grafting a tomato onto a potato, or is it grafting a potato onto a tomato.  Anyway, apparently once your tomatoes have grown and produced fruit, you've consumed said fruit, then you dig up the potatoes and hey presto, you have potatoes to eat too.

Now I can see where this may come in useful - only one plant to buy therefore hopefully saving money, space saving in smaller plots/gardens; and yes I know tomatoes and potatoes come from the same 'Solanum' family, but I can't help thinking that I prefer my crops separately, surely one tub of potatoes and one plant of tomatoes doesn't take up that much room, does it?

I must admit though it is clever, will it take off?  Who knows.


  1. Saw this on TV a few weeks ago, we wondered if it was Aprils 1st too!

  2. It's mad, do you think anyone will take them up on it and grow some?

  3. I'm always very wary of this sort of meddling with nature. I did have a grafted tomato plant for the first time this year, two different types of tomato on one root stock and it did amazingly well, and very tasty, but maybe this tomato/potato is a step too far!