Sunday, 20 October 2013


Every year we promise to save as many Bramley apples as we can, either by storing or freezing them, and every year we fail, big style.  Until this year I'm happy to say.

I said to Michael that this weekend I would like to get as many apples off the trees before the high winds come through here next week, according to today's forecast.  So that's what we've been up to -

Look at that blue sky too, shame it didn't last!

After a good sort through and getting as many off the tree as we could, we had three piles - Pig apples, apples to use/freeze now/near future and storage apples.

Our storage system, now five stories high!

The to deal with asap pile.

Suffice to say the pigs have already eaten some of their's, I don't like to give them all at once, in case the acid is too much for the stomach's.

What's left on the tree will come down in the wind and be collected for use immediately or be given to the pigs.  We are feeling mighty chuffed with ourselves today, first year we have really harvested these apples, and as they are not selling from the shop, roll on plenty of apple pies Mr Tweedy!  So now starts the peeling and chopping stage, let's hope I have plenty of plasters on stand by!

Stats today -

Eggs produced = 5

Sales -
1 dozen eggs £1.80
Still no pumpkins sold (?)

Expenses -


  1. Just a couple of questions. I wondered why you hadn't saved Bramleys before and didn't understand " as they are not selling in the shop".
    Pumpkins are not selling well here either. I blame Tescos with their 2 for £3 offer.

  2. Ahhh, light bulb moment on the pumpkins, that explains it, more pumpkin soup it is then!
    As for the Bramleys, a number of reasons - hadn't had time/nowhere to store/too lazy to pick etc etc to be completely honest! But this year is different on lots of counts, mainly in that I'm full time on the holding.

  3. I think we are all determined to harvest what we can this year. I have trays of apples picked a little early to beat the wind and the birds. (as has SSS!) My major egret is that we have no pigs.

  4. First time we've had pigs for about five years, and this time of year is definitely the best time for them, otherwise the stuff would just go to waste. We shall have some more next year too, for the same reasons