Monday, 21 October 2013

Norfolk Poultry Club show Sunday 20th October 2013

I spent a fabulous few hours yesterday the the Norfolk Poultry Club show held at the Norfolk Showground.

They usually hold three shows a year - March, August and October and there was a good number entered.

I went to gain some contacts in Poultry.  We are planning to expand the flock here with some different breeds and I wanted to know who to contact when the time comes.  I definitely know we are going to have some Ixworth's as they are a dual purpose breed, so that if stock doesn't make show standard we can fatten them up for the house.  And I was lucky enough to meet Joyce Taylor who breeds and shows Ixworth's and who took best rare breed with her three year old Ixworth hen.

Best in show went to a Wyandotte bantam, a delightful little girl -

Reserve Best in show went to an Old English game - sorry not the best photo, but she wouldn't stand still

Some more pictures from the day -

Touloose goose

Lots of Call ducks on show



Norfolk Grey - another possibility for here

Frizzle hen

Gold Sebright - my favourite, so probably having some of these

All in all I had a great day, just wandering round talking to enthusiastic people about their chickens.  Well done Norfolk Poultry club, a brilliant show.

Stats today - 

Eggs produced = 5

Sales - 
1 x 1Kg Tomatoes £1.00

Expenses - 

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