Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Smallholding update

Just thought I'd update you with what's been going on recently.

Well it doesn't seemed to have stopped raining here on and off for more than a week now.  What was a lovely area for the pigs now seems to have turned into a mud bath, as you can see -

Now we are on light sandy soil here, and although marshland, I don't think I've ever seen it this wet.  Am feeling quite sorry for our two little pigs, but they have got a new straw bed to keep them warm -

and yes, that is the two of them in the background, not a picture!  It's their window, which I really should see if I can close now to keep out even more of the wet stuff we are due over the next few days.

I have been harvesting onions and shallots, both of which have given us a fabulous harvest this year.

But as I rather left the veg patch to its own devices somewhat during the hot weather - I don't do hot weather, I have a large job on my hands harvesting them -

Ooops!  But I'm getting there.  And I suppose am killing two birds with one stone in a way - weeding and harvesting.  Oh well, at least I'm honest about my gardening techniques - or lack of sometimes!

On the plus side, my carnations in the greenhouse are absolutely fabulous as you can see, the perfume in there is just divine -

But more on the carnations at a later date - watch this space, keeping it under my hat for the time being.

Stats today - 

Eggs produced = 6

Sales -
1 dozen eggs £1.80
2 x 1Kg bags of Bramley apples
1 x large Butternut squash £1.50

Expenses -

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