Friday, 15 November 2013

Winter feeding

Winter feeding is always a worry when you've got livestock.  What to feed, how much, what type, how much to order - all those sorts of questions enter your head when considering what to feed.

We are big fans here of feeding lots of forage, whether that be hay, haylage, straw or silage, or a mixture of any of them combined.  There are many pros and cons of feeding any of them, and I shall probably do a blog post on the different types in the future, but I think this year we seemed to have hit on a winner.

I feed my horse on haylage primarily, it's what horses are designed to eat and plenty of it and he loves the stuff, preferring to eat haylage rather than his mother's milk when he was a baby I'm told.  So I offered some of the same stuff to Red, my Dexter cow, suffice to say she devoured the whole lot.  So this year all the ruminant livestock are getting the same.

I stumbled over Baillie haylage at the Norfolk show one year and decided to give them a try one year, when I was feeding two horses, I've never looked back, everything gets eaten, so excellent value for money with no wastage.

With the livestock, I still feed the haylage from hay nets.  I find it easier for me and nothing gets wet and therefore wasted, like it would if a whole bale was put out at once.

I think you'll agree they are enjoying it, gorgeous sunny day too -

You can find Baillie haylage at and No I don't work for them or anything.

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