Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Apologies and Sheringham

Apologies again for the lack of posting - not my fault this time - the broadband has been down for three days.  Sky booked an engineer to come out this morning, between 8am and 1pm, suffice to say they didn't turn up! Grrrrr!  So at 1.05pm I'm on the phone only to be told the problem had been fixed at the exchange yesterday!  Thanks for letting me know!  I did manage to get a £10 credit on the account for the inconvenience of it all, by my reckoning that's £2 per hour!!!

On a brighter note, we had a day out at Sheringham on Sunday.  Michael's daughter Helen, is studying at university in Norwich so we picked her up on the way and off we went.

It was a tad breezy and chilly with the North Sea coming straight at us, but this didn't dampen our spirits. We had a good pub lunch in The Robin Hood, down the main street of Sheringham, plenty to eat and a large selection including Sunday Roasts, then headed off to our favourite haunt - The Funky Mackerel Cafe.  This is a bit of a find for us, recommended by a friend of  mine, it's now our third visit, and one we intend to haunt more often.  It's a quirky little place, sells good food, excellent coffee and hot chocolate's, fabulous flapjack and is famous for its bacon sandwiches, of which we have yet to taste.  It caters for kids, adults and dogs, well behaved ones are always welcome with dog biscuits on sale too.  Set right on the sea front, you can look out through double glazed windows at the ever roughening sea and watch the seagulls struggle against the wind.  We love its relaxed and laid back, friendly atmosphere, its mis-matched furniture and I love the rummage room.  Just a great place to relax.
See www.funkymackerel.com for more information, or take yourself off there to experience it for yourself, just don't tell everyone!

The wild North Sea

Helen and Michael with the Funky Mackerel in the background - red topped building

Of course they do Mackerel sandwiches, you didn't think it was just used for a name did you?

The view from the window

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