Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Polytunnel tidy up

I have started what always seems like an arduous task at this time of year, the annual tidy up of the poly tunnel, after the tomatoes have finished.  I say finished, I'm just picking the last of them now.  Quite a few have split, which is a shame as they have been just delicious, but they won't get wasted as the pigs will happily eat them.

I love this time of year, the harvesting of all your hard work, the bountiful harvest and deciding what to do with it all.  As you can see above the onions and shallots have been stored in here temporarily, but will have to be moved to the shed as the space is needed.

The tomatoes are coming down -

The deconstruction phase always takes longer than you expect, then its hauling out all the unwanted vegetation, canes, bits of string etc that you forget need doing when you start!  But it won't take me too much longer and at least I'm in the dry!

Tonight's tea was made from pickings out of the tunnel too -

There are still some carrots to be harvested and this is the second sowing of the year for carrots in there - really chuffed with them

The space will not be wasted.  I am going to transplant the spring cabbages that are in desperate need of doing so, which will fill the majority of the space.  I love spring cabbages, a bit of green when there's not much else around, lovely.  Plus I'm planning to sow some more Swiss Chard and winter lettuce, although I'm not sure how much salad will get eaten as we don't tend to eat much during the winter, but maybe I should try and eat more during winter times, use it in sandwiches and at lunch time.  Plus I mustn't forget to leave some space for the new potatoes that go in, in January - fabulous!

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