Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Potato day

On Saturday morning I spent a wonderful couple of hours at the annual event at Stonham Barns, Suffolk that is the Potato day.

This annual event plays host to approximately 80 varieties of seed potatoes, across the board of first, second and maincrop.  It was the first time I had been and I was amazed at the spectacle that hit my eyes.

All the varieties were laid out in alphabetical order with a short description about them, you then grabbed a brown paper bag and a pen and set to deciding on which you fancied.

I arrived at 10.30am and some of the varieties had already sold out it was that busy and popular.  A catalogue of all the available varieties was on sale, which was a handy reference as it contained more details on each variety - the resistance to scab, blight etc.

I came away flabbergasted, but with some potatoes - more on that in another post.  What a great morning out!


  1. You missed the fun of the huge queue - see my saturday blog for pics- we 've been going for years so always get there early. In, get what we want, quick look round, free bags from MSDC stand and home again!