Friday, 7 February 2014

Cut flowers - an update

Well, I must have read every book on the subject, looked in every mail order catalogue and raided the internet for information on cut flowers over and over again, and I still don't know where to start!

I think it must be something that sorts itself out once you get started, maybe I'm just a bit nervous and apprehensive, this weather isn't helping!  February is a dreadful month I always find, it's crappy weather which practically leads to hibernation and a bored Angela!

I have got a long list of cut flowers I would like to grow, but the list is extensive and if you've read my other posts on the subject, you'll know that the garden isn't laid out sufficiently to accommodate all these plants just yet.  So I've bought some seeds and awaiting some others, and am trying to be patient until the weather is sufficiently warm enough to sow them.  I have also joined the Cottage Garden society - and have also joined Flowers from the Farm, which was featured on the BBC's Great British Garden Revival programme -  Plus I have booked to go on a course organised by the organiser / creator of Flowers from the farm; the course is entitled 'Start growing flowers for market', so hopefully all this information should give me a head start and give me confidence for when those seeds go into trays of compost at the end of February.  Wish me luck!

Stats today -
Eggs produced = 4
Sales - 1 doz eggs £1.85
Expenses - Nil


  1. Sounds like the perfect course for you. When does it start?

  2. It's just a one day course at the end of March, right looking forward to it I am