Saturday, 7 September 2013

Norwich food festival

I am not embarrassed to say that I am a foodie, but only if I know where it's come from and I know what's in it, so visiting the Norwich food festival today was a joy.

I am always amazed when you go to these sort of events that stallholders expect you to buy without trying the stuff first, but that was not the case today.  All stallholders, that I visited, had plenty of produce on offer for you to try, taste, discuss and ponder over which one you liked best enough to take home.

This is my haul from today's event -

The above will be forming the basis of my tea, along with produce from the garden.

Other scenes from today's festival - 

Courtesy of Norfolk Young Farmers club, encouraging children and young adults to become involved in the countryside

One of a number of beer stalls

The excellent bread stall from Pye Baker in Norwich, where my bread came from

Kitchen Garden who run a veg box scheme, at Sisland, South Norfolk

The excellent Saffire chocolates, delicious handmade Belgian chocolates - the freebie Irish coffee liquer truffle was just to die for - Thank you

Norton's Dairy cheese, which will form part of my tea tonight.  They were also selling butter and cream.  Very friendly and happy to talk cows/milk/cheese - will hopefully be visiting them to do a further blog post solely on them

Sarah from Essence foods.  Conserves with a high fruit, low sugar content, looking forward to having some of her award winning Raspberry and Cranberry conserve on my toast in the morning

Richard from Stones Throw Food Co - a food delivery company based at Elveden, supplying and delivering local produce

Happy people at Norfolk Finest foods, where my Red Onion Marmalade came from, again forming part of my tea tonight

The excellent Samphire with Jeff in attendance

Ethnic Fusion foods - Indian Cuisine

Again the excellent bread stall of Pye Bakery, hopefully going to visit them and do a blog post on all things bread - really looking forward to that one!

The Norfolk Pure Apple Juice company, looking forward to a glass with my tea tonight also.  Since I stopped drinking, cider was always one of my favourites, I have a tendency to lean towards good apple juice and this certainly is!

I also spoke to the lovely Moya of FACE - Farming and Countryside Education, who is the East of England coordinator, 'an educational charity that helps pupils to learn about food, farming and the countryside.'  This is a nationwide charity, which as far as I'm concerned is an excellent one.  See for more information and/or to get your kids involved.  A worthy cause I think you'll agree.

Overall I think it was extremely successful.  There were also stalls outside cooking and selling meat products - sausages, burgers etc, from home produced and rare breed meat.  It was so packed that I couldn't get anywhere near the stalls never mind talk to anyone.  They seemed to be doing a roaring trade which is excellent.  A fabulous day all round, that was very well attended.

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