Saturday, 28 September 2013

Huge apologies

Huge apologies for not posting anything in absolutely ages, I have been laid up with the flu.  It was yuck, enough said!

It seems it's seed catalogue time again, as I have received two in very quick succession.  I love a good seed catalogue.  Sitting next to the fire on cold winter's nights, pouring over catalogue's and making up lists of what to buy; the buy list always starts off huge, as does the cost!  Until I whittle it down.  How many varieties of tomato do we actually need anyway?

We are planning to expand the plant and flower side of things next year, trying to up sales and expand our repertoire, so not only have I got veg seeds to look at - as I want to try some different varieties, (my husband is very good at sticking to tried and tested varieties, the same ones every year!), but now I need to look at flower seeds too, and as we all know their lists are even longer!  I think I shall have to start small and decide on a few plants to begin with, before I get too excited.  Sweet Peas will definitely have to be on the list, along with Carnations, Alliums and Alpines, love Alpines, but then there's all the annuals, of which Sunflowers have got to be grown.  Oh dear, I shall have to be brutal with my lists.

Just as an update, all the animals are well.  The new additions have settled in well, the pigs are growing - fast, the lambs seem to have got over their weaning day, the ewes certainly have (!) and Red is still here, looking fat, we really must get her to the bull.

Good to be back, will write more often now.

Stats today -

Eggs produced = 4!  Hens are molting

Sales -
4 x bags of tomatoes £4.00
1 x 1/2 dozen eggs £1.00

Expenses -


  1. Wondered where you had got to. Hope you are feeling much better.

  2. Thank you, yes, I'm fine now and back on the plot. Good to know you're out there ;)