Saturday, 1 March 2014

February 2014 stats

Stats for February 2014 are up now -

Sales -
13 dozen eggs = £22.00
3 bunches Daffodils = £1.50

Total = £23.50

Expenses -
Seed potatoes £9.45

Balance = £14.05

Expenses balance brought forward = £112.95
New Expenses balance to be paid off = £98.90

Well that mainly greenhouse expense balance is coming down, bit slow though.  Hopefully we can have an early and warm spring, get things growing and producing


  1. Same here. We are definitely running at a loss at the moment.
    However, now that the hens are getting their bums in gear things should look up

  2. Ha Ha, think we need new hens too, ours are getting a bit old, plus I lost one on Thursday to mycoplasma, (damn and blast!). Daffodil sales are going well though, better than hubby expected even. Result!