Wednesday, 4 December 2013


Apologies for not posting in ages.  I'll explain.

My father fell ill whilst on holiday in Austria and the coach company that he was travelling with 'dropped him off' at a hospital in Luxembourg on the way back.  He spent five weeks there and was discharged a week ago.  His insurance company flew him home with a Doctor escort, who then handed him over to a paramedic who drove him home to me here in Norfolk in an Ambucar.  Part of his discharge from the hospital in Luxembourg was that he had to have a chest x-ray as soon as possible, so I duly took him off to my local doctor who arranged for this to be done that very afternoon at the Norfolk and Norwich University hospital in Norwich.  Chest x-ray done and a doctor was called who admitted him.  And he's still there!  Another operation later and he's on the mend, but very weak.  So our life here is taken up with hospital visiting, feeding livestock and not much else at the moment.

Apologies but until all this with Dad has been sorted I won't be able to post much.  We are hoping that he will be able to go home sometime next week, so please bear with me until normal service is resumed!


  1. Thoughts are with you. I hope your father recovers soon and is back home with you. It must have been frighning for you and him being I'll away from home. Xx

  2. Thank you, life's a bit tough at the moment, you don't realise how these things take over your life!